The Bonfire Moment is a powerful one-day workshop that helps teams escape the common traps startup teams fall into.

It brings the team together to face hard truths, notice hidden dynamics, and gear up for the intense challenges of startup life.
The Bonfire Moment has proven effective with hundreds of teams of all sizes around the world—from the smallest startups to large organizations—significantly improving their cohesion, focus and effectiveness.

The workshop is fully outlined in the book, and in this page you can access the assessment tools used in the workshop, resources including the facilitator playbook and other tools, and an opportunity to become a certified facilitator.

Face hard truths

Notice hidden dynamics

Drop the masks

Reground the team


Discover the assessment tools that startup leaders across the world have used to discover their hidden gaps, and benchmark yourself against a global dataset.



5 minutes, on your own, benchmarked with leaders across the globe


360° feedback

Self-assess + invite your collaborators to provide feedback and get a detailed report


Find the facilitator playbook and workshop materials here, all in printable format for a device-free workshop experience.

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Get Certified

Discover how to become a certified facilitator and join a global cohort of entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors, and consultants passionate about building strong, resilient and effective teams.

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The Bonfire Moment: Bring Your Team Together to Solve the Hardest Problems Startups Face
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