Bill Coughran

Partner at Sequoia Capital

“In my years of building companies, one truth stands out: it’s important to get the tech right, but building the right team is how you create amazing products again and again…” Read More

Eric Friedman

Fitbit cofounder

“One of the things I am most proud of about Fitbit was the team we built. Building the team was not easy. The Bonfire Moment takes you from the time you are forming your starting team to how you grow it to lead a multibillion dollar company…” Read More

Eric Ries

bestselling author of The Lean Startup and founder of LTSE

“If the people working towards a company’s mission are at odds, the chances it will ever be fulfilled — much less sustained long-term — are low. The Bonfire Moment lays out the ways dysfunction can…” Read More

Garry Tan

President and CEO of Y Combinator

“Getting the people side of startups is so hard, and there is not a lot written that is practical and gives founders and future founders a way to peer around the corner, which is why The Bonfire Moment is an important read for anyone wanting to create something from nothing.”

Gorick Ng

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Unspoken Rules

“If you’ve ever wondered, Why is it so hard to get things done around here?! Martin and Josh not only offer a structured teardown of why, but also a practical guide on what to do about it…” Read More

Huggy Rao

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and author of Scaling Up Excellence and The Friction Project

“Drawing on the rich lessons learnt from Google’s Startup Accelerator, The Bonfire Moment, sheds light on the people problems that founders sweep under the rug, and provides a practical toolkit for..” Read More

Jake Knapp

author of New York Times bestseller Sprint and Make Time

The Bonfire Moment is a proven recipe for rebooting team relationships, building better culture, and making your workplace the place everyone wants to work.”

Jason Scott

cofounder of ANIM and Black Angel Group, and host of the Unicorn Hunter

“Anyone who’s built a startup knows it comes with its highs and lows. Martin and Josh get it; The Bonfire Moment is like having a trusted mentor guiding you through those turbulent periods…” Read More

Jeff Dean

Chief Scientist, Google

“I have worked with Martin on effective organizational structures to best support Google’s research teams. This is a complex area, since there are many different research teams, projects and desired directions, and designing effective structures that…” Read More

Jenny Blake

award-winning author of Free Time and Pivot

The Bonfire Moment is the missing manual for startups who want to scale with integrity, self-awareness, and a solid team foundation. No more sweeping people-issues under the rug, fanning the flames for future discord and flame-outs…” Read More

Jerry Colonna

author of Reunion and CEO, Reboot

“Clear, thoughtful, and abundantly practical, The Bonfire Moment is the missing manual for the hardest part of leading: working with other people. It’s guidance on creating the moments that fire up teams is welcome and long needed.”

Jonathan Rosenberg

author of NYT bestsellers How Google Works and Trillion Dollar Coach

The Bonfire Moment will help you confront the paradoxes leaders face, capturing many of the lessons I gained during my years of leading product teams. At a time when many leadership guides are riddled with platitudes, this book stands apart, grounded in data and real-world experience.”

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